Extremism and misinformation are bad for our children, our schools and our community.

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WI MassResistance continues to spread false information to try to sow outrage against KUSD

In a Tweet on February 10, 2024, (above) MassResistance falsely claimed:

"Did you know that KUSD passed a rule that forbids citizens from requesting book reconsiderations? Only parents of students in the school can request them. They want taxpayers out of everything but they want our money to support p@rn. Sick"

MassResistance's Tweet About KUSDs Revised Book Policy is FALSE

What is the truth about KUSDs revised book policy? Go to the source:

KUSD Rule 6620.png

(screenshot of KUSDs revised book reconsideration policy from KUSD website)

KUSD revised Policy 6620 at its January 2024 school board meeting.

The leaders of MassResistance were present during the discussion and during the vote to revise the policy. The policy is also available to the public on KUSDs website.

As indicated in the image above, KUSD continues to allow community members to file book challenges.

Challenges received from parents in the district will be given first priority for review over those received from community members without children in KUSD schools. The leaders of MassResistance have filed multiple challenges to books in KUSD libraries, despite having no children in KUSD schools.

You can read Policy 6620 in its entirety on the district website here.

The district was forced to change policy 6620 after so many book challenges were filed by the leaders of MassResistance and members of Kenosha Moms for Liberty that the district accumulated what they estimated to be an 8-year backlog of challenges over the period of just a few months from August to November 2023.

You can read more about that here.

Misinformation About KUSD Also Spread By KUSD School Board Candidate Angela Kretchmer

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Misinformation about our schools and school board decisions is not unique to the extremist group MassResistance.

KUSD school board candidate Angela Kretchmer has also been spreading misinformation on social media about schools in the KUSD district and how they will be used after the rightsizing decision.

You can read more about Kretchmer's misinformation campaign here.

School board candidate Kretchmer is a member of Kenosha Moms for Liberty, an anti-government extremist group, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Angela Kretchmer anti-trans fundraiser.JPG

Like MassResistance, Kretchmer appears to be anti-LGBT. Her first fundraiser was the screening of an anti-LGBT film filled with misinformation that has been removed from most social media sites and labelled as hate speech.

Should Kretchmer be elected to school board, she will be setting policy and making decisions that will impact LGBT children, staff and families.

You can see Kretchmer testifying in front of the a committee of the state legislature in favor of the anti-LGBT 'Parent's Bill of Rights'here.

MassResistance No Stranger To Spreading Misinformation

MassResistance's social media is filled with misinformation meant to manipulate outrage against KUSD schools.

The extremist group has even tweeted false claims against the Kenosha County Democratic Party and the Facebook page Forward Kenosha. A representative of the KCDP and Forward Kenosha met with Kenosha Police Detective Cory Brennan, who investigated and determined the information in their tweets was false.

You can read more about that here and here.

Their anti-public school, anti-book, anti-LGBT sentiments are apparent in their social media posts, although despite claiming they only want to 'protect' innocent children, they are pro-gun - the number one killer of children in America:

WI MassResistance Keep the guns ban the schools.jpg

MassResistance says most books developmentally inappropriate.jpeg

WI MassResistance FB anti-LGBT parent with shield.jpeg

MassResistance an Anti-LGBT Hate Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center, that tracks extremist activities in the United States, has identified MassResistance as an anti-LGBT hate group. You can read more about that here.

Just like in the false tweet of February 10, 2024, MassResistance often features LGBT books in their social media posts, referring to books about gender identity and sexuality as "porn."

The Wisconsin ACLU has become involved in investigating the book challenges being filed with KUSD because of the anti-LGBT rhetoric of those filing the challenges. You can read more about that here.

The local leaders of MassResistance are:

Caleb Laitinen Kenosha

Caleb Laitinen

Karen Mahoney at KUSD school board meeting.jpg

Karen Mahoney

Blaise Mahoney.jpg

Blaise Mahoney

Also involved with Laitinen and the Mahoneys is Kevin "Kellie" Hutchinson

You can learn more about Hutchinson and his activities here and here.

Mayoral Candidates Speak Out Against Activities of MassResistance

Shortly after MassResistance began engaging in harmful activities in our community, Kenosha's mayoral candidates were quick to issue statements about the group.

You can read those statements here.

The anti-LGBT hatred, misinformation and extremism of MassResistance and Moms for Liberty is bad for our children, our schools and our community.

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