MassResistance Continues to Falsely Connect the Kenosha County Democratic Party and Forward Kenosha With A Police Complaint They Claim to Have Filed

On September 21st, the Twitter account of WI MassResistance falsely tweeted that a police report had been filed against the Kenosha County Democratic Party and Forward Kenosha, alleging threats and harassment. You can see their original tweet below:

WI Mass Resistance tweet about filing a police report.jpg

Police Detective Cory Brennan Confirmed This Police Complaint Does Not Involve Either Organization

On Saturday, September 22, a Board member of the Kenosha County Democratic Party and one of the Administrators of the Forward Kenosha Facebook page met with Kenosha Police Detective Cory Brennan, who confirmed there were no police complaints involving either organization.

MassResistance Doubles Down on False Claims Against the Kenosha County Democratic Party and Forward Kenosha

On Tuesday, September 26, MassResistance posted on Facebook a portion of a police complaint, saying it confirmed their tweet of September 21 against the Kenosha County Democratic Party and Forward Kenosha.

You can see the portion of the police report they shared on social media below:


There are two people named on the document MassResistance posted, neither of which are members of the Kenosha County Democratic Party.

Forward Kenosha is a Facebook page with six administrators. It has no members. None of the administrators are named on this complaint.

If MassResistance's claims of threats and harassment are accurate, we are sure the authorities will address them. We look forward to sharing information of the results of the investigation.

EVERYONE Deserves to Feel Safe from Threats and Harassment

it is unfortunate if MassResistance members find themselves in a position of experiencing threats and harassment. Everyone in the community deserves to feel safe from threats and harassment, including school leaders, school staff, people who speak at government meetings, children and parents wanting to access diverse library content, as well as the members of MassResistance.

However, for MassResistance to continue to falsely implicate the Kenosha County Democratic Party and the administrators of the Forward Kenosha Facebook page is unacceptable.

How to Oppose MassResistance

We remain critical of the harmful and divisive tactics employed by MassResistance in their attempt to ban books from KUSD libraries:

  • disrupting KUSD school board meetings,
  • ugly social media attacks on school leaders and community members,
  • leafletting false information in the community,
  • calling cyberattacks of KUSD social media accounts "justified",
  • calling for the arrest and firing of KUSD school leaders and staff,
  • falsely accusing the Kenosha County Democratic Party and Forward Kenosha of criminal activity.

The way to stand up against the harmful tactics and agenda of MassResistance is by contacting your elected officials, speaking at school board meetings, spreading awareness of their activities and electing candidataes to the KUSD school board who respect the rights of ALL parents.

Learn More About Mass Resistance Here

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