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Register To Vote

To vote in Wisconsin you must first register to vote.  You can start the registration process online at My Vote WI. You can also register in-person at your local municipal clerk's office, with a special registration deputy, or at the polling place on Election Day.

Register To Vote
Accepted forms of identification for Voting in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Voter ID

Most Wisconsin voters must show an acceptable photo ID when voting at the polls on Election Day or when requesting their absentee ballot.  There are some exceptions for absentee voters.  More information about acceptable voter IDs and exceptions to the requirement for IDs can be found at Bring It To The Ballot

Wisconsin Voter ID Accepted Forms of Wisconsin ID for Voting
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Voting Information and Resources

The Wisconsin State Election Commission's website, MyVoteWI, provides information you need to be able to successfully vote in Wisconsin. You can check your registration status, see dates for upcoming elections, find your polling station, see a sample ballot, find your Municipal Clerk and more.

Voter Information and Resources
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Wisconsin Election Calendar

Find out when Wisconsin has an election coming up or when Wisconsin has a voter registration or absentee ballot deadline.

WI Election Calendar
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Election Complaints

You can report any issues or irregularities you witnessed or experienced at or around the polling place, or to file a complaint about an election official.

Report Election Issues