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Congratulations President Biden and Vice President Harris!

Wisconsin Republicans want the RICH to get RICHER
while the rest of us PAY THE PRICE!

“Abolishing the Wisconsin state income tax and increasing state sales tax will overwhelmingly favor Wisconsin’s wealthiest residents. This does not help small businesses. It helps big business...

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Evidence now indicates there was election fraud in the Wisconsin Presidential Election
Jan. 23, 2022 • Kenosha County Democratic Party
Indicates Republicans tried to get away with the REAL steal

In America, voters are supposed to decide our elections. In Wisconsin, 10 Republican leaders signed fraudulent documents on December 14th, claiming to be the state's representatives to t...

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Your help is needed to gather candidate signatures!

Did you know that in order to appear on the ballot for Kenosha County Board Supervisor, a candidate needs to have turned in at least 100 valid signatures by January 4th? Your help is needed! ...

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Virtual January Membership Meeting
January 6, 7:00 pm

Please join us on Thursday, January 6th, on Zoom for our first monthly membership meeting of the new year. We hoped we could start the year off with an in person KCDP Monthly Membership meeti...

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