Legislative Republicans have placed two misleading constitutional amendment questions on the August 2024 primary ballot. These amendments are designed to trick voters into eliminating checks and balances in our government by grabbing power from the governor and giving the Legislature the “sole power” to distribute federal funds. Wisconsinites should not eliminate checks in balances in our government and should vote “NO” on questions one and two in August.


  • MAGA Republicans in the State Legislature have been trying to get an unfair advantage for years:

    • They drew legislative district boundaries to give themselves unfair political power, spent millions of taxpayer dollars to promote false election conspiracy theories, and voted to ban abortion against voters' wishes.

    • And now they're scheming to grab the “sole power” to determine how to distribute federal funding in Wisconsin.

  • Right now the governor and the legislature must work together to decide how to distribute most federal funds in Wisconsin. These two misleading Constitutional Amendments would strip power away from the governor and give the sole power to the legislature.

  • Wisconsin’s legislature has been one of the least productive legislatures in the country and is too dysfunctional to be given sole power over federal funds. Once, we missed out on tens of millions of dollars waiting weeks for the legislature to pass what was required.

  • And just this year, the legislature blocked money to clean toxic chemicals from our water, and tried to block the way money could be spent to prevent hospitals from closing. 

  • These Republican-backed constitutional amendments are misleading, risky and have unintended consequences that could create gridlock and delays in getting emergency funding to firefighters, police, and hospitals.

  • Instead of the state being able to act quickly, funding would be tied up in the legislature and subject to partisan games and obstruction.

  • Federal funds are essential for state agencies and programs to operate and support Wisconsinites. Adding restrictions on how these funds can be allocated, and subjecting them to partisan politics in the legislature, will jeopardize programs across agencies, including:

    • Jeopardizing public health by delaying or rejecting federal funding to support BadgerCare recipients, mental health and drug treatment programs, cancer prevention programs, and local health departments.

    • Restricting emergency response and delaying relief for small businesses, agricultural workers, and families during natural disasters or emergencies.

    • Threatening food assistance programs and hurting women, infants, and children across Wisconsin by delaying funding for federal food assistance programs like SNAP and FoodShare that thousands of Wisconsinites rely on.

    • Delaying infrastructure and road projects which rely on federal funding. Delays would disrupt planning and project schedules, increase costs, and make it more difficult for Wisconsin to compete for federal grants and funding for local projects.

    • Hurting workers and jeopardizing employment programs by putting up barriers to getting aid to job training and apprenticeship programs, including allocating funding to unemployment programs to support people who have been laid off or are unable to find work.