MassResistance Tweets Fake Police Report

On Friday, September 21st at 4:01 pm, the WI MassResistance social media account tweeted out a photo of a Kenosha Police Department complaint with Kenosha Police officer D. Rowley's name on it. The complaint number was blurred out and there was no other name visible on the complaint. The Kenosha County Democratic Party and Forward Kenosha were tagged in the complaint.

Kenosha Police Detective Cory Brennan confirmed the MassResistance complaint is fake.

MassResistance's tweet is pictured below and reads:

"The KenoshaPolice were very interested in the threats #MassResistance members are receiving. @forward_kenosha and the @KenoshaDems are violent extremists. We had to file a police report against their vile behavior!"

WI Mass Resistance tweet about filing a police report.jpg

Police Detective Cory Brennan Confirms Complaint is Fake

On Saturday, September 23rd, a representative of the Kenosha County Democratic Party met with Kenosha Police Detective Cory Brennan regarding MassResistance's tweet.

Detective Brennan confirmed the Kenosha County Police Department complaint pictured in the MassResistance tweet was fake and MassResistance's claim of having filed against the Kenosha County Democratic Party and Forward Kenosha was not legally possible as a complaints cannot be filed against an organization. He also confirmed there were no complaints filed against officers of the Kenosha County Democratic Party or officers of Forward Kenosha.

A police department representative confirmed there is an officer Don Rowley employed by the City of Kenosha police force. Officer Rowley was not on duty at the time of this meeting.

The People Behind MassResistance

While the person responsible for the fake tweet has not yet been determined, the leaders of MassResistance are:

caleb laitinen Kenosha Mass Resistance

Caleb Laitinen of Kenosha, MassResistance

Karen Ann Mahoney Kenosha WI book ban supporter.jpg

Karen Anne Mahoney of Kenosha WI, MassResistance

Blaise J Mahoney Kenosha WI book ban supporter.jpg

Blaise J. Mahoney of Kenosha WI, MassResistance

Arthur Schaper SPLC picture.jpg

Arthur Schaper, Torrance California, helps direct the activities of MassResistance

A Twitter account believed to belong to Karen Anne Mahoney retweeted MassResistance's police report lie, tagging an officer in the Kenosha County Democratic Party and one of the five account administrators on Forward Kenosha's Facebook page. You can see that Twitter profile and Karen Anne Mahoney's Facebook profiles below:

Karen Ann Mahoney's profile on Twitter with police report tagging me copy 2.jpg

Karen Anne Mahoney FB profile matches twitter profile copy 2.jpg

Karen Mahoney says she became activated to ban books after learning of a Drag Queen Story Hour at the public library in the neighboring community of Racine. She was anxious a similar story hour would come to Kenosha one day. According to Mahoney, after she broke the rules of the public library and was threatened with a ban, she partnered with the anti-LGBT extremist group MassResistance, saying she was "shocked" to learn how many books encourage "radical gender ideology."

Caleb Laitinen, also active in a local Catholic Church, claimed in that same interview that Kenosha is in a "spiritual battle" to protect children from "corruption" from the books he and the Mahoney's disapprove of.

Fake Police Report Part of a Pattern of Activities Harmful to the Community by MassResistance

MassResistance is a national anti-LGBT hate group. You can read more about their harmful activities here.

Arthur Schaper has been identified as an anti-LGBT White Nationalist. Schaper has been directing the activities of Laitinen and the Mahoney's in Kenosha. The group has been using social media to attack KUSD school board members, members of the Kenosha Unified School District administration, and private citizens who disagree with their anti-LGBT book ban agenda in Kenosha.

Members of MassResistance, along with members of the Kenosha Moms for Liberty and the Republican Party of Kenosha County engaged in disruptive behaviors which forced the shutdown of a KUSD school board meeting in February 2023 for security reasons. You can see video of that meeting here.

Pictured below left is Caleb Laitinen, MassResistance, holding the sign on left at the Feb 2023 KUSD meeting. Pictured on right with the sign is Barb Griffin, 2nd Vice Chair of the Kenosha County Republican Party.

Caleb Laitinen Mass Resistence shut down KUSD school board meeting.jpeg

MassResistance's social media attacks are meant to pressure KUSD to ban books they don't approve of relating to gender and sexuality, which they consider "pornography." The books they are primarily targeting contain LGBT characters. You can read more about that here.

MassResistance's social media account even claimed that a cyberattack shut down KUSDs Twitter account over books, calling the attack "justified" and implying attacks would stop if the district cooperated with their demands. You can see their social media post below.

MassResistance shuts down KUSD Twitter account.jpg

Schaper and MassResistance members have a well-documented history of disrupting government meetings as well as making false claims against elected officials, such as school board members in California.

To learn more about the activities of MassResistance, click here.

MassResistance members are working cooperatively with the Republican Party of Kenosha County and Moms for Liberty in their attempt to ban books in Kenosha County public schools. You can read more about that here.

MassResistance's false claim of filing a police report, along with baseless accusations, reveals a lack of integrity in the group's actions and leadership.

Their attacks on school leaders and community members who oppose them aim to intimidate and force KUSD to comply with their demands to ban books.

MassResistance is BAD for Kenosha County.

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