Wisconsin's legislators are paid $53,000 per year, the ninth highest among the 50 state legislatures.

In addition to this compensation, legislators also receive insurance and retirement benefits, as well as office and staffing allowances.

Wisconsin state legislature has also been rated the "laziest" of all 50 states by the National Conference of State Legislatures, who said Wisconsin has been “the least active full-time state legislative body in the country since states began taking measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.”

It's been 233 days since the Republican-led state legislature has met to help the people of Wisconsin during the pandemic. They've spent much of this time off suing Gov. Evers and undermining health orders during the pandemic as people lose their jobs, face eviction and become infected, are hospitalized and death rates rise.

Assembly Leader Robin Vos finally floated ideas to address the pandemic, which consisted of taking away local school board control of decision-making related to handling the pandemic in their communities and undermining Gov. Evers.

Now the new Wisconsin Senate Leader Devin LeMahieu says his body won't even be meeting to discuss how to help Wisconsinites struggling during the pandemic until 2021.

While still collecting their full salary and benefits for sitting home and undermining attempts by Gov. Evers to control the spread of the virus.


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