$4 Million Dollars to Rebuild

That's what Donald Trump promised Kenosha in July when he visited to film his campaign ad.

The amount of money Kenosha has received to rebuild from Trump?


It was another empty promise.

It turns out the money he was promising to Kenosha had been allocated to Wisconsin several months earlier by Congress through the CARES Act for pandemic relief. None of it is available for rebuilding.

In September, Gov. Evers and Senator Tammy Baldwin wrote to President Trump asking him to make good on his promise of $4 million to Kenosha.

There has been no response.

Donald Trump also claims he "saved" Kenosha by sending in the National Guard.

This is not true.

Gov. Evers ordered the National Guard hours after Jacob Blake was shot by police and after that point, all decisions made about the number of Guard troops in Kenosha were made by Maj. Gen. Paul Knapp, the Adjutant General of the Wisconsin. National Guard.

Trump came to our broken city following the unrest over the police shooting of Jacob Blake. He stood in front of our burned buildings in Uptown and made us a promise. He used our pain for a campaign commercial and he's using it during his campaign rallies.

He broke his promise to Kenosha