Welcome to GOP Project 2025!

It is a Blueprint for taking over OUR democracy.  OUR democracy is ours to keep or lose!  To take action we first need to understand the Republican Party's plan - whether Trump or another candidate runs for President.  Their plan is a strategy, it is not a platform.  It is a grand design to take over our form of government. It includes the legislative, judicial, and executive branches.  The goal is to cripple the US Constitution.

The GOP is publishing and sharing their plans. This is NOT a secret! We need to pay attention and fight this evil scheme!

They say they are for the rule of law. They say they are for the good of the people. BUT only if it is done their way!  You can interpret this to mean it is their way or the highway!

Per the Heritage Foundation Project 2025, “Donald J Trump  and his allies are planning a sweeping expansion of presidential power over the machinery of government if voters return him to the White House in 2025, reshaping the structure of the executive branch to concentrate far greater authority directly in his hands”  (Swan, Savage and Haberman - SSH).

“The work at the Heritage Foundation dovetails with plans on the Trump campaign website to expand presidential  powers that were drafted primarily by two of Mr. Trump’s advisers, Vincent Haley and Ross Worthington, with input from other advisers, including Steven Miller, the architect of the former president’s hard-line immigration agenda”  (SSH).

The Heritage Foundation Plan rejects that there are three equal and separate branches of Government with overlapping powers (Executive, Judicial & Legislative). The purpose of the three branches is to have a system of checks and balances. This is the foundation of our US Government. 


Instead the Project 2025 plan argues that Article 2 (Power of the Executive Branch) of the Constitution gives the president complete control of the Executive Branch.  This control eliminates the power of Congress (Legislative Branch) to make decisions including hiring and firing heads of departments  including the military.   

“The Reagan administration lawyers developed the theory as they sought to advance a deregulatory agenda” (SSH) which resulted in trickle down economics. 

Personal power has always  been a driving force for Trump.  He said that Article 2 gives him the right to do whatever he wants as President.   To some people, that would indicate a DICTATORSHIP!

We are on a slippery slope  - sliding into facism…     

What can we as Progressives Do to stop this PLOT to overthrow our Democracy?

First we must ALL pay close attention to what the Republican Party is actually saying.

Second, we must register and VOTE in ALL local elections.  As Tip O’Neil, former speaker of the House once said, all politics is local! 

Third, Don’t be afraid to speak out!

Linda Spaulding; Mary Hawkins; Patty Protsko; Carla Johnson; George Arf

Kenosha County, Wisconsin

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