*We encourage all readers to watch the video linked at the end of this statement.

Along with the rest of the KUSD community, the Kenosha County Democratic Party has been following the response by the School District to correct an election error that occurred in April 2022.

The KCDP Board believes KUSD, on the advice of the Wisconsin Election Commission and legal counsel, is acting in good faith to correct the error.

The reason the KCDP Executive Board feels obligated to make a statement now is because groups and individuals, which include Moms for Liberty and the Republican Party of Kenosha County, are painting KUSD’s correction to this error as one done in bad faith. They are choosing to use this correction as an excuse to manufacture rage in hopes of political gain.

The error was made in giving notice that all three KUSD seats on the April 2022 ballot were for 3-year terms each. They should have been noticed as two seats with 3-year terms and one seat with a 1-year term.

Candidates Rebecca Stevens and Kristine Schmaling received the two highest vote totals, respectively. Candidate Eric Meadows received the third highest vote total; therefore, he filled the remaining year of Mr. Wade’s term.

The mistake in not noticing the seat currently held by Eric Meadow’s as a one-year term is now being corrected by the district. Mr. Meadow’s current term will expire in April of this year. The Board will make an appointment to that seat since the vacancy was not listed on this spring’s ballot. Mr. Meadows was notified to apply for that vacancy, along with other interested applicants, by February 15th. The Board will make an appointment for the remaining year of Mr. Wade’s term. In 2024, that seat will then be noticed for a three-year term, rectifying the error in full. This is a confusing but necessary legal correction to the error, and the course taken is reasonable, given the circumstances.

You can read KUSD’s full announcement here.

This was an unfortunate error but the Kenosha County Democratic Party Board believes that the KUSD School District is acting in good faith to take the appropriate steps to correct it. We believe the School Board’s appointment decision will be centered on the best interests of KUSD’s students, teachers and the community. There is no “win” in this situation other than expecting the School District to act with transparency and integrity to correct an unfortunate error, while continuing their important work without unnecessary distraction.

Please make sure that you have a plan to vote in the nonpartisan primary on February 21st. The Democratic Party encourages you to vote for Judge Janet Protasiewicz or Judge Everett Mitchell for WI Supreme Court - as their records show that they support public schools. We further encourage you to vote for Yolanda Santos Adams for KUSD School Board, the KCDP endorsed candidate, as her record for standing for students and teachers is long and speaks for itself.

You may also attend the Special School Board meeting via livestream on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, at. 5:30 P.M. Details can be found at the KUSD website here.

Responsible participants in our democracy are always needed and valued. That is truly how we move democracy forward.

Kenosha County Democratic Party Board

***Update: On Thursday, February 23rd, the KUSD school board voted overwhelmingly to return Eric Meadows to his vacated seat. That special board meeting was originally scheduled for Monday February 19 but had to be cancelled after disruptions by Meadows' supporters, including members of Moms for Liberty and the Republican Party of Kenosha County, forced the meeting to be cancelled and rescheduled virtually for Thursday.

You can also watch a video of Eric Meadow's interview on Fox News here.

These same organizations are supporting Lamar Madison for KUSD school board on April 4th. The KCDP has endorsed Yolanda Santos Adams for common sense leadership and an end to these divisive culture wars. You can learn more about Yolanda here.

You can see VIDEO of the disruption at Monday night's meeting here.