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Vote in the important Wisconsin Spring Primary!

Tuesday, February 21st

Feb. 1, 2023

Make a PLAN to vote in the spring primary race so we have great candidates on our ballots on April 4th! Early voting ends on Friday Feb. 17th for the Spring Primary. Primary ele...

April's Supreme Court Race is important for protecting Wisconsin's drinking water

Republicans have prevented strong drinking water standards from being enacted, even as more Wisconsin towns are forced to move to bottled water

Jan. 21, 2023

Why next April's SUPREME COURT RACE matters to protecting Wisconsin's drinking water: Oneida County joins a growing list of cities and towns in Wisconsin that are forced to rely on...

Working Wisconsinites will pay MORE in taxes with a flat tax - while the rich will get RICHER

According to two dozen economists from universities in Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, New Jersey and Massachusetts, who've evaluated Wisconsin Republican's tax plan

Jan. 20, 2023

Republican's proposed flat tax is bad for Wisconsin. “A flat tax — no matter what form it takes — only contributes to what might be called a decades-long strategy of institutionalized pi...

Wisconsin has an historic budget surplus: how our public schools may benefit or be harmed

Public schools vs for profit schools

Jan. 2, 2023

Wisconsin is projected to have a $6.8 billion budget surplus in 2023. Gov. Tony Evers supports an investment of $2 billion in state funding for K-12 public schools. Republicans do not. Re...

Democrats Trust Women

to make their own healthcare decisions

Dec. 9, 2022

The decision to have an abortion is highly personal and private. Politicians should not mandate healthcare decisions. That is why Juventina is voting for Democrats - they trust women to make t...


Everything you need to vote

Nov. 8, 2022

Meet our GREAT Democratic Candidates and understand your ballot referendums! For information about registering to vote, voting absentee by mail, early voting (also called absentee in-pers...

The Truth About Kenosha Matters

Republicans are attempting to mislead Wisconsinites for political gain

Nov. 8, 2022

Facts Matter. Visit KenoshaFacts.com Also visit Timeline of Gov. Evers response to Kenosha rioting following the Jacob Blake shooting

Statement on Misleading Endorsement by Republican Candidate

Vote Becky Matoska-Mentink for Kenosha Clerk of Courts

Nov. 5, 2022

Zach Rodriguez is running a paid ad claiming to be endorsed by both Democrats and Republicans in his campaign for Clerk of Courts. That isn’t true. His misleading endorsement ad states: Demo...

Already a billionaire, Tim Michels is planning to get RICHER if elected

Michels is proposing a radical change to Wisconsin's tax system: he and his billionaire buddies will get richer and the rest of us will PAY the price!

Oct. 1, 2022

Trump endorsed Republican running for governor, Tim Michels is proposing Wisconsin change its current income tax system and go to a flat tax rate. This would primarily benefit the wealthiest p...

November Ballot Referendums-VOTE NOV. 8th

Oct. 1, 2022

Vote NO to 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State question KENOSHA COUNTY RESIDENTS: On ballots in Kenosha County in November, residents will fi...