Thursday, February 16th

6:30 pm

Virtual presentation - instructions below

Free street parking is available. There is also parking available around the corner in the city's FREE parking garage.

Matt Rothschild, Executive Director of of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, will be discussing fair voting maps for Wisconsin.

Rothschild is the author of “12 Ways to Save Democracy in Wisconsin,” published by the University of Wisconsin. He is the past editor and publisher of The Progressive Magazine. You can read more about Rothschild here.

Wisconsin is one of the most gerrymandered states in the nation. In the November election, Democrats got over 50% of the statewide vote but because of manipulated voting maps, only 35-40% of the legislative seats. This is minority rule! The legislative maps have been drawn to ensure that the Republicans retain the majority, giving them an unfair advantage. It is undemocratic. When elections don’t really matter because the district lines determine which party will be in control, the people don’t have a voice. We deserve Fair Maps!! This is why The Wisconsin Supreme Court election is crucial, we need a court that supports fair maps and believes in democracy!

The presentation will include the history of Wisconsin's voting maps, what has happened in the courts relating to our voting maps, and what the Wisconsin State Supreme Court can do if a pro-democracy judge is elected.

Mr. Rothschild's presentation will be followed by a question/answer session.

There are two ways to tune in:

  1. via Zoom Webinar by clicking the link below tat 6:30pm:


  1. Go to our Facebook page at 6:30pm and view the livestream, click here: