October 11th

6:30 pm

via Zoom

Jason Free’s story is a prime example of how even someone who is an expert in the healthcare system can fall through the gaps when hit with a sudden health problem, taking a young family from saving to purchase their first home to financial destitution.

Every day in Kenosha, in Wisconsin and in the U.S., people who work hard and follow the common expectations to lead a successful life are devastated by the impact of an unforeseen healthcare problem.

Jason will talk about how disability benefits work, as well as Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance; how they are designed to work in their ideal state but fail individuals and families when they need help the most and how programs with strict Federal program guidelines may leave working people more impoverished than those who do not work.

Healthcare issues can be changed through your vote. Learn more about necessary changes to the U.S. healthcare system and what you can do to have an impact.

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