The family of Jacob Blake and organizers of Saturday’s Justice for Jacob Rally will host a community gathering at the site of Jacob’s shooting. The event aims to support and celebrate the Kenosha community and all of our amazing work to support one another this week. It will include a community clean-up, healing circle, voter registration booth as well as food, music, free haircuts and other services provided by local businesses.

Following Donald Trump’s announcement that he will appear in Kenosha on Tuesday, the family of Jacob Blake encourages supporters to come together to celebrate, support and strengthen the Kenosha community. This community celebration will highlight the contrast between President Trump’s divisive and inflammatory statements and the nonviolent demonstrations held by the Blake family. The event will be a follow-up to Saturday’s #JusticeForJacob march and rally, where thousands of people convened to demand an end to police violence and systemic racism.

The official program will be from 11am-1pm with a press conference at 12pm. However, the activities of the day will continue until 4pm.

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