Humanity is at a crossroads.

It’s all about money.  The Simple Truth is we live in plutocracy – rule by the wealthy.  This is nothing new historically.  Our country has been that way from it’s inception.  We live in under an illusion that we live in a democracy, and on a local level, perhaps to some extent we do.  But nationally speaking, we don’t.  Thanks to lobbyists, the Citizen’s United case,  the graft and corruption on the state and national politicians on both sides of the aisle, our freedoms and economic viability individually and as a country are quickly eroding, to make way for those who have no belief in the concept of the “pursuit of happiness.”  But we held out hope from the very beginning that the average person, given a level playing field could live out their lives in peace and prosperity, and that eventually all people, codified by law, will someday all be equal in the eyes of each other.  But we’ve got a long ways to go.
“Power to the People – Madison protest rally” ©Larry Zamba 2011  All photos on site courtesy of Larry Zamba
The stakes are high for us, our children and grand children.  By 2060 humanity will be in survival mode. Thanks to rampant capitalism and consumerism,  our environment has been destroyed to the point where our earth will be unrecognizable.  The rain forests while be almost entirely wiped out, the middle latitudes of the world have become more desert like, and 90% of the fish will be gone.  The North Pole will have long disappeared.  In America super cyclones and tornadoes will be the annual norm, and many of our coastal cites will be gone.
In the near future IT will provide up to 20% of our economies jobs, and by mid-century robots will displace millions of workers.  We’ve seen the trends in manufacturing since the 1980′s.  Mass migrations into Canada by American’s seeking work and to getting to a better climate will be as common in 50 years as Mexican border crossings are now.  Around 2050, work week will be cut to 30 hours a week, due to the economy, automation, and outsourcing,.  We need to be prepared.
We are at a crossroads as a nation.  Our future will be determined by our current actions.  It is too late to stop global climate devastation, only mitigate the damage.  But what about the here and now?    Our biggest issue is the economy, and that we can control.   Right now it is headed for another collapse.  The laws that would prevent Wall Street and Big Banks gambling with our money, and the laws preventing the rich from squeezing every nickel out of the middle class have not been addressed in the last collapse. The tariffs and trade agreements to prevent our country from becoming a second rate economic power have not been enacted.  However, a new paradigm is emerging.  People are waking up around the world.  We can control our elected leaders to change these laws, but it will take guts.
If  you have had enough of fighting for scraps doled out by politicians and the corporate elite,  the Democratic Party is one of the organizations that stand between and handful of  ultra-wealthy corporations, their political shills,  and those that would  from taking away your freedoms and a hopeful, positive future.  People are realizing that they’ve been ripped off.  We still have the opportunity to put together the money, the volunteers, and the movement to plot a new trajectory.
What can you do?  Get energized, organized, and get active.  We’re here to help.   Check our site regularly, come to an event, even run for office.  You’ll make friends, learn things, and you may just change the world.

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    I’m P*ssed off and want to get involed, where do I go and what do I do?????

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