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Kenosha County Democratic Party

5712 7th Avenue, Kenosha 53140

(262) 552-6803

Office Hours:  M, W, F  1:00-4:00

For more than 200 years, Democrats have represented the interests of working families, fighting for equal opportunities and justice for all Americans.

Our party was founded on the conviction that wealth and privilege shouldn’t be an entitlement to rule and the belief that the values of hardworking families are the values that should guide us.

We didn’t become the most prosperous country in the world by rewarding greed and recklessness or by letting those with the most influence write their own rules.  We got here by rewarding hard work and responsibility, by investing in people, and by growing our country from the bottom up.

Today Democrats are fighting to repair decades of damage and grow an economy based on the values of Main Street, not greed and reckless speculation. Democrats are focused on rescuing our economy not just in the short run but also rebuilding our economy for the long run—an economy that lifts up not just some Americans, but all Americans.

Chair:  Lori Hawkins

December 1st - Sunday - Nomination Signatures can be gathered for Spring Races

December 5th - 7:00 pm Thursday - Kenosha County Democratic Party Membership Meeting - Union Club, 3030 39th Avenue  Special meeting to get a start on 2020.

January 7th -  Tuesday  Nomination Signatures Due for Spring Race

February 18th - Tuesday - Spring Primary

March 29th - Sunday - Kenosha County Democratic Party Annual Dinner - Italian -America Club

April 4th - Saturday -  Democratic Party of Wisconsin's Founder's Day Gala, Milwaukee

April 7th - Tuesday - Spring Election and Presidential Preference Primary

April 18th - Saturday - 1st CD Convention, being held in Kenosha County

April 26th - Sunday - Kenosha County Caucus for delegate selection for DNC Convention

May 17th - Sunday - 1st CD Caucus for delegate selection for DNC Convention

June 5th & 6th - Democratic Party of Wisconsin's State Convention

July 13 - 16th - 2020 National Convention - Milwaukee

This is the list of important dates in the upcoming months. We will also be having our monthly meetings on the 1st Thursday of every month. Plus so much to volunteer for.

Monthly Meetings are 1st Thursday Night of the Month

Kenosha Union Club

3030 39th Ave

Kenosha, WI 53144

(262) 654-3815

7:00–8:30 P.M.

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Or send your check made out to: Kenosha County Democratic Party, c/o Treasurer, 1807 - 81st Street Kenosha WI 5314

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