Wisconsin Republicans recently sued to overturn Gov. Evers health mandate, despite the fact that Wisconsin's rate of infections and deaths is climbing sharply and Wisconsin hospitals are at capacity in some areas of the state. An overflow hospital for COVID patients opens at State Fair Park today.

Wisconsin's Republican-led legislature has not met in 185 days to pass legislation to help the people of Wisconsin or to work with Gov. Evers to address the pandemic. In fact, they've sued him more often than they've passed any legislation during the pandemic.

In fact, a review by the National Conference of State Legislatures recently determined Wisconsin Republican-led legislature has been the least active in the nation during the pandemic.

Judge R. Michael Waterman ruled this week on the Republican lawsuit, saying that state law doesn’t prevent the governor from issuing a new executive order when emergency conditions, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, continue to exist.

He told Republican lawmakers if they want something done, they should convene in legislative session and do it themselves.

Gov. Evers has encouraged the Republicans to meet in legislative session and work with him. “One thing is certain: now is not the time to weaken our state’s response to this virus; now is the time to strengthen it,” Evers said.

He called on the GOP leaders to lead by example.

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