Cases of COVID-19 have risen 405% in just 2 months.

Wisconsin officially topped 200,000 cases Monday. It took 7-1/2 months to reach our first 100,000 cases.

It only took 36 days to reach our second.

Hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise at an alarming rate.

1350 Wisconsinites are currently hospitalized with COVID-19; 331 of them are being treated in the ICU.

1788 have died.

The response of Wisconsin Republicans, led by Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald, has been to sue Gov. Evers repeatedly.

Vos and Fitzgerald lead what the National Conference of State Legislatures has called the "least active legislature in the nation during the coronavirus pandemic."

Obstruction and Republican's refusing to do their jobs won't get Wisconsin out of this health and economic crisis.

Leadership will.

Elect Joel Jacobsen, who is running against Robin Vos for the 63rd Assembly District seat: Joel Jacobsen for Assembly

Elect Tom Palzewicz, who is running for Congress against Scott Fitzgerald: Tom for Wisconsin


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