Here's what you need to know to vote in Kenosha County on Election Day, Tuesday Nov. 3 2020

If you have any issues while trying to vote in Wisconsin, call the Voter Assistance Hotline at 608-336-3232

Polls open at 7 am on Tuesday Nov. 3rd and close at 8 pm. As long as you are in line before 8 pm, you can vote. Don't leave the line.

You are eligible to vote in Wisconsin if:

*You will be 18 years old by election day,

*You are a U.S. citizen,

*Wisconsin law requires that you live at your current address for 28 consecutive days to be eligible to vote from your new address. If you have lived at your new address for less than 28 consecutive days before the election you are still eligible to vote from your former address. If you have moved to Wisconsin less than 28 consecutive days before an election you are eligible to cast a Presidential-only ballot.

*You are a convicted felon who is now "off paper"; i.e. your sentence is fully completed (including your probation or parole)

Registering to Vote:

In Wisconsin, you must register before you vote for the first time. You can also register at your polling place on Election Day

You must provide a Proof of Residence Document when registering to vote in Wisconsin, which is a document that proves where you live in Wisconsin.

Here are the documents you can use to establish proof of residence:

Proof of Residence

A Picture ID is Required to Vote in Wisconsin:

You are required to show a picture ID to vote in Wisconsin. You can see valid forms of voter ID at:

Wisconsin Picture ID

Find My Voting Location:

To Find Your Polling Place On Election Day, Confirm Your Registration and See A Sample Ballot:

Find My Voting Information or I Will Vote

Provisional Voting in Wisconsin:

A provisional ballot is a ballot that is marked by a voter but is not counted at the time it is cast. It is issued to a voter who is unable to provide the poll workers with documentation as required by Wisconsin and federal law.

There are two circumstances in which a voter is entitled to receive a provisional ballot:

  1. A qualified elector who has been issued a current and valid Wisconsin driver license or identification card number registers to vote at a polling place on election day, but is unable or unwilling to list the number on the registration.
  2. A registered voter is unable or unwilling to provide proof of identification.

Provisional ballots are NOT given when a voter is at the wrong polling place. If a voter appears at the wrong polling place, he or she will be directed to the proper location.

Provisional ballots are also NOT given when a person is attempting to register in-person at the polling place and does not provide the required proof of residence.

**A provisional ballot will not be counted unless the voter provides the required information to the poll workers by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day or the municipal clerk by 4:00 p.m. of the Friday following the election (Nov. 6.)

You can find your Municipal Clerk's office here: Find My Clerk

Returning An Absentee Ballot:

***DO NOT MAIL YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT- USPS said ballots mailed after Oct. 27th were not guaranteed to reach your Municipal Clerk by the Nov. 3rd deadline.**

You can return your absentee ballot directly to your municipal clerk's office or drop your ballot at one of Kenosha County's handy and secure drop box locations. ***It is important to place your absentee ballot in the drop box in the municipality in which you vote in order to be sure it will be counted***

***If using a City of Kenosha drop box, your signed and witnessed ballot must be placed inside before 7 pm. At that time, all ballots will be collected and the box will be locked. Your ballots can be returned to your Municipal Clerk's office up until 8 pm on Election Day. Your Clerk's Office is located at 625 52nd St. Kenosha WI 53140

If using a County of Kenosha drop box, contact the clerk in your municipality for drop box closure times. You can find your municipal clerk here.

Your ballot must be received by 8 pm on Election Day.

You can find Kenosha drop box locations here ***you must return your ballot to the municipality in which you vote***

Find My Drop Box or Kenosha County Drop Box Locations

If you have changed your mind and wish to vote in person and have not already returned your absentee ballot, you can go to your polling place on Election Day and let them know you've changed your mind. They will cancel your absentee ballot (whether you have it with you or not) and you can vote in person.

If you have any issues returning your ballot, contact the Voter Assistance Hotline at 608-336-3232

Hospitalized Voters

You can still vote in this election if you've been hospitalized.

Hospitalized electors may appoint someone to retrieve and deliver their ballot if they are hospitalized in the 7 days before Election Day.

Instructions on how to vote while hospitalized can be found here: Vote While Hospitalized

If you have questions about voting while hospitalized, contact your Municipal Clerk. You can find your clerk here: Find My Clerk

You can also call the Voter Assistance Hotline at 608-336-3232

Here are some additional reminders from the Wisconsin Election Commission about voting:

Voting Free From Intimidation:

You have the right to vote without being intimidated or harassed - voter intimidation is a crime in Wisconsin

If you believe you are in danger, dial 9-1-1

You can also make a report to the Wisconsin Election Commission here.

In the city of Kenosha dial the police non-emergency number (262) 656-1234

In Kenosha County, dial the sheriff non-emergency number (262) 605-5100

Report all instances of voter intimidation or threats of violence with as much detail as possible to the Voter Protection Hotline at 608-336-3232

Time off to vote:

Under state law, a voter can request up to three hours of unpaid time off to vote on Election Day. However, the request for time off must be made in advance to give the employer time to adjust work schedules.

Leave political items at home:

Voters are asked not to wear political clothing or paraphernalia to the polling place on Election Day. The chief election inspector may ask voters to remove or cover up political items, or to leave the polling place if they are judged to be electioneering or creating a disturbance.

Get in line before the polls close:

Voters standing in line waiting to vote when the polling place closes at 8 p.m. on Election Day will be permitted to vote.

If you have any issues while voting or attempting to vote call the Voter Protection Hotline at 608-336-3232


You can see your sample ballot at MyVoteWI

Visit our Candidate's page to meet the Democratic state candidates on your ballot:

Roger Polack, Tod Ohstad and Tip McGuire

Meet the Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates:

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Referendums on your ballot:

Kenosha City Residents have a referendum on their ballot about expanding Badgercare. You can read more about this referendum here. We recommend a 'YES' vote.

All Kenosha County Residents will also have a referendum on their ballot about Non-partisan voting maps. You can read more about this referendum here. We recommend a 'YES' vote.

If you have any issues while voting or attempting to vote, call the Voter Assistance Hotline at 608-336-3232