We can agree parents have the right to control what books their own children read, games they play, movies they watch, and access to computers and cell phones.

But, banning books is a bad idea. Parents don’t have the right to control what other people’s children read, view, play, or download. A group of parents in Kenosha not only want to control influences on their own students, they want to control access to books for all students.

Moms for Liberty is a nationwide group working to ban books in school districts across America to forward the agenda of the extreme right. They want those books removed from our libraries.

Moms for Liberty deem these books objectionable for a variety of reasons. Common objections include swear words, sexual content, racial prejudices, or explore painful aspects of history such as slavery.

Students are already aware of sex, gender differences, and troubling details of American history such as various forms of racism. Parents play the key role in helping children learn hard facts and values. Schools are also a safe place for children to process and confront difficult issues.

Parents have the right to communicate with their child’s teachers to arrange for alternate assignments when they think something might go against their beliefs.

If you share concerns about banning books and having other people's religious or other values forced upon your child, please express your concerns to the KUSD, the Superintendent of Schools, and the Principal.