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Trusted, common sense leadership

For trusted, common sense leadership, the members of the Kenosha County Democratic Party have unanimously endorsed Yolanda Santos Adams for KUSD school board.

Santos Adams has provided steady, common sense leadership as our school district has faced unprecedented challenges. From COVID to deep cuts in state funding, to declining enrollment, to attacks by right-wing groups that have repeatedly forced the shut down of in-person school board meetings, Yolanda has faced it all with unflappable devotion to our children and our school district.

Public tax dollars should stay in public schools. Yet statewide, Wisconsin has seen declining revenue for public schools for well over a decade, as Republicans have shifted public tax dollars into for-profit private and religious schools. They have also capped the amount of revenue school districts can raise to address that short-fall. In addition, declining enrollment state-wide has hit school district funding hard; even though schools need to stay open and the lights need to stay on. Other challenges being faced by public schools, including in Kenosha, are a shortage of qualified teachers. All of these factors impact the ability of our public schools to provide a quality education to our students.

Yet Yolanda has worked hard year after year to overcome those challenges and make the common sense decisions our district has needed. Once again this year, Yolanda has worked to balance our school budget despite significant funding challenges, without compromising our children's education.

Even in the face of right-wing attacks by national organizations like Moms for Liberty, which has a local chapter here in Kenosha, Yolanda has risen above the culture wars to continue to focus on what is best for our schools, our children and our community. When those right-wing attacks have forced the shut-down of school board meetings due to safety concerns, when school board members have had to be walked to their car by security for their safety, Yolanda has calmly moved the meetings virtually and continued to allow every parent's voices to be heard, adding extra time to citizen comments when it is needed.

Yolanda has a long record of meaningful service to our community: she's served as KUSD School Board president, is an experienced CEO and CFO, is trustworthy and fiscally responsible, supports safe schools and improved learning environments.

Visit Yolanda's website here.

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You can contact her campaign at yadams2013@gmail.com or 262-705-4734.

Please make a plan to vote on April 4th for common sense leadership instead of chaos and divisive culture wars!

For voting information, visit: our voter information page.

A word about Yolanda's opponent, Lamar Madison.

Lamar Madison is endorsed by powerful right-wing special interest groups, Moms for Liberty and the 1776 Project. You can read more here.

Chaos, divisiveness, culture wars and bullying are not good for our children, our schools or our community.