Over the last two weeks I have been working as a poll worker and receiving early absentee ballots from the public. As I watched these voters, I wondered how they voted. So, I decided to look at things the way a Republican voter might. I wrote this from a Republican point of view, reflecting on the Republican party's accomplishments over the last twenty years or so:

"Under Reagan, we stimulated the economy with a tax cut and won the Cold War. The tax cut was great. It helped all my millionaires' friends. We shopped for fancy cars and stocks, etc. and added to our wealth. This did not really stimulate the economy a lot, but was good for me and my friends. The tax relief for others who were less fortunate was wasted, all they spent it on was food and housing. This tax plan didn't stimulate the economy at all but it was a good plan because we knew how to spend the money.

We used this theory over again and again and we got richer and richer. Then the Dems elected a Democratic President. He had a plan for healthcare for all. We fought hard against it but it passed anyway. I ask 'why should people have good healthcare?' I have good healthcare because I can afford it. This plan will bankrupt the country and is not popular, I thought. But looking back, the people liked this plan and it grew in size. This didn't stop us Republicans, we stonewalled everything else this president wanted and continued fighting to repeal this healthcare through the next administration. We stacked the courts with Republican judges by any means possible, thanks to our Majority Leader in the Senate.

Then we elected a new president by a landslide, even though it has been said he lost the popular votes but won the Electoral College. This is a lie. This new president ruled without challenge. He told us what the truth was and not to believe the press. The impeachments were both shams and none of it was true, it was all a witch hunt! They made up the flu season into an epidemic that was killing all those people. We offered home remedies to beat this illness such as bleach. What did the doctors know? They wanted us to be vaccinated and wear masks. What does science have to do with this? We were given vaccines for polio, mumps, measles and other diseases we no longer have to worry much about, so why another vaccine for another illness that does not exist? These Democratic lies destroyed the economy at the time.

Our president was illegally removed from office because of a rigged election, even when our judges ruled for the Democrats in all but one court.

So what did the Democrats do to stimulate the economy? They did not go back to the old tried-and-true trickledown theory'; instead they gave relief to individuals. They did this by giving $1500 to each taxpayer. Did they save it? NO, they spent it on food and housing and paying their bills. This money was recirculated into the economy. This caused inflation and many new jobs.

As for all the charges against Trump, they were a witch-hunt and lies. He is our magnificant leader and is above all laws.

They say we have the lowest unemployment in 40 years, but we have the highest inflation also. Biden and the Dems caused this. This is NOT a world problem, it is NOT caused by Putin's war, or the supply of oil by the Arabs or the oil companies and other corporation's high profits.

Now the we have the courts lined up, we overturned Roe v Wade. We can now tell women that they have less rights then men, and soon put other groups in their places. Soon there will be no separation of church and state.

As Republicans we have proven the Democrats are the problem and we don't need to produce any proof at all. Democrats have plans to improve people's lives and to fight inflation and to stand up for human rights. We have plans to take all the power away from people, including their right to vote. I will show you our Republican plans...whenever we come up with them."

In conclusion, I fear for the future of our Democratic Republic. As a Democrat, who understands all the benefits of the Democrat's plan, I see we could have a real future for all.


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