Senator Ron Johnson and Rep. Bryan Steil should face the consequences of their inaction on gun safety.

Johnson accepts gun lobby funds and is highly rated by the gun lobby.

Steil is also highly rated by the gun lobby and has consistently voted against gun safety legislation as well. The NRA has even actively campaigned for him.

Both have consistently blocked gun safety legislation.

We are asking you to do two things:

Step 1:

Identify yourself as a constituent. Copy and paste this link from the latest mass shooting in Allen, TX and send it to Johnson and Steil (it is disturbing, so watch at your discretion)

In your email with the link, tell them we are demanding they watch the entire video, then:

  1. they pass an immediate ban on assault-style weapons: importation, manufacturing them, sales;
  2. they pass an immediate ban on high-capacity magazines;
  3. they pass legislation to institute a two-year buyback program on these weapons to remove them from our streets;
  4. they pass Red Flag legislation (also known as Extreme Risk Protection) to keep guns out of the hands of people who are a danger to themselves or others;
  5. they pass Universal Background Check legislation.

Contact Ron Johnson

Contact Bryan Steil

Step 2:

If you do not receive a response in two business days, call them to ask if they've watched the video and will support these common sense gun safety measures supported by the majority of Wisconsinites and Americans:

Call Ron Johnson (414) 276-7282

Call Bryan Steil (262) 654-1901

Steil now has a local office in Kenosha. You can visit at:

Kenosha County Center

19600 75th Street

Room 177

Bristol, WI 53104

You can call the number above for his office hours.

For too long Republicans have put the profits of the gun industry over the best interests of their constituents and safer communities. It is time for them to act for US to help end gun violence.