Are you ready to be a reproductive freedom voter in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race this spring?

"Fifty years after the Roe decision, women have been cheated. Our freedom to make our own decisions about our health and our futures has been ripped away by Republican extremists who have decided that they can crowd into the examining room and decide our fates."
-Senator Elizabeth Warren

Today we mark the first anniversary after Republicans overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that established the right to abortion.

Abortion is now illegal in Wisconsin in almost all cases.

It may feel like the end of reproductive rights, but this fight long predated Roe and it will continue until we ensure that everyone can get the care they need, no matter where we live, who we are, or how much money we have.

Wisconsin's Supreme Court race this spring gives us the opportunity to elect a pro-democracy justice who will determine whether the current 1849 abortion ban in our state will stand or be overturned.

Mark these dates on your calendar:

February 21st,
Vote in the spring primary for either Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Janet Protasiewicz or Dane County Circuit Judge Everett Mitchell.

April 4
Vote for whichever of these two candidates wins the primary

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In Wisconsin's Supreme Court race this spring, be a reproductive rights voter!