Tapes prove Donald Trump lied about the coronavirus. He also undermined medical experts who tried to protect us. His failed leadership has contributed to the death of over 200,000 Americans.

Trump also wants to kill the Affordable Care Act. Not replace - just kill it.

Healthcare is critically important during a pandemic, where 5.4 million Americans lost their employer-provided health care when they lost their jobs due to COVID. Killing the ACA will result in another 25 million people joining the ranks of the uninsured.

COVID has already killed over 1,250 Wisconsinites, hospitalized over 6,600. Millions in Wisconsin depend on the ACA for coverage. Now our care is threatened by the very person who already failed to protect us.

Joe Biden helped pass the ACA. He is committed to protecting and improving healthcare by providing greater choice at a reduced cost with easier access. This is especially important to the 2.4 million Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions who might otherwise be denied. Biden is also committed to reducing the spread of the virus through increased testing and contact tracing, saving the economy tanked by Trump’s failure.

As infections surge, Americans are concerned about staying safe: whether it’s safe to go to work or send their children to school, how they will pay their bills. The last thing they should worry about is their President lying to them about the deadly virus while simultaneously taking away their healthcare.

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for expanding and protecting the coverage of millions of Americans, for preventing the spread of the virus, for keeping us safe.

America’s health is on the ballot in November; the choice is clear.

America’s health is on the ballot in November