Since Robin Vos and Republicans in the legislature haven't met for over 220 days to help the people of Wisconsin during the pandemic, political cartoonist Phil Hands suggests Vos' empty office could be used to help Wisconsin's hospitals handle the crisis they are facing with trying to manage COVID patients.

Wisconsin has reached 338,472 infections statewide and 2,876 Wisconsinites have died of COVID-19 -- an increase of 83 from Wednesday. It is the second-highest, single-day increase on record.

Among those who have tested positive, 4.5% or 15,336 people have required hospitalization.

"Wisconsin faces a public health crisis the likes of which we have not experienced in three generations," according to Wisconsin Hospital Association president Eric Borgerding. "A crisis of this magnitude caused by a virus that is so clearly raging across all of Wisconsin demands a unified and substantial response. Your leadership is critical to improve this situation, allowing everyone to get back to our way of life sooner."

We hope Robin Vos and Wisconsin Republicans will finally choose to listen and show up to work for the people of our state.