Today Gov. Evers released a new package of proposals to help Wisconsinites through the pandemic.

After 217 of inaction, what did ROBIN VOS do?

He met with reporters to say Republicans are starting to "think" about some COVID initiatives, but had no proposals or specifics to share.

Wisconsin Republicans have spent $2 million in taxpayer dollars suing Gov. Evers this year, but have presented no plan to stop the spread of the virus since overturning Evers' health mandates, designed to slow the spread.

Meanwhile, Gov. Evers has worked to try to stop the spread of the virus and help Wisconsinites impacted by the pandemic, which is not only causing a health crisis, but an economic crisis as well.

Meanwhile, Republicans have sued to overturn his mask mandate and his capacity limits, designed to save lives.

Among Gov. Evers proposals today:

* allow the state Department of Health Services to issue an order prohibiting foreclosures and evictions through 2021
*suspending the one-week waiting period for unemployment insurance through the end of 2021.

*allowing critical workers, including health care workers, to claim worker’s compensation benefits related to COVID-1

*requiring health insurers to cover COVID-19 testing, treatment, prescriptions and vaccines

*allow the Department of Administration to waive interest, penalties and payments on loans through the end of 2021.

*waive some work-share program parameters, allow DWD to relax work search requirements through the end of next year and allow social security disability recipients to receive concurrent unemployment benefit payments.

*Evers announced Tuesday 54 movie theater operators across the state would get funds designed to be put toward pandemic-related measures like improvements to allow appropriate social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing, and personnel costs to provide COVID-19 safeguards.

*Evers has also allocated the majority of federal funds received earlier this year.

"It’s shameful that Republicans are watching our state face an unprecedented crisis and would rather continue playing politics than work with the governor to do what’s best for the people of our state," Evers' spokesperson Britt Cudaback tweeted Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Vos said he plans to meet with Evers "soon" although he hasn't talked to him in over 6 months.

Wisconsinites, it's clear who is working for YOU during this pandemic.


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