Did you know that in order to appear on the ballot for Kenosha County Board Supervisor, a candidate needs to have turned in at least 100 valid signatures by January 4th? Your help is needed!

Because some signatures get thrown out for being illegible, out of district, or involve a nit picky mistake that the opponent will challenge, the rule of thumb is for candidates to turn in about 150 signatures. The new maps and the holidays make the process more difficult for candidates.

Please consider devoting an hour or two of your time this week to helping a candidate get on the ballot by collecting signatures. We've had some last minute candidates jump in, because they see that they are needed. Let's show we value them by helping them.

You can use this link to see who has filed to run and to reach out to a Dem or Progressive candidate to offer help:

Current candidate list for Kenosha County Supervisors/Executive

You will find some new and familiar names here. This is a live link and will update daily.

Or you can reach out to us at KenoshaCoDems@gmail.com, by calling 262-612-0284 and we will let you know who has been asking for help. The candidate you help need not be in your district.

Please help to get good candidates who will move democracy forward on our spring ballots! Join our board members and volunteers who have been out there helping candidates.

Together, we can get this done.