March 3rd

7:00 pm

Kenosha Union Club

3030 39th Avenue, 53144


Please join us for our March in-person membership meeting.

There are several important things taking place at the meeting to help you learn more about how you can take a role in our upcoming spring election and with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's guiding documents and upcoming conventions.

  1. Vote on possible spring endorsements. At our next KCDP Board Meeting, which happens right before our monthly membership meeting, the board will decide whether or not to consider endorsing in certain spring races.

The KCDP has a strong belief that nonpartisan elected offices are important. However, we also realize that there are times when it is important to show which candidates stand for values embraced by the Democratic party and for moving our Democracy forward - and which candidates do not. We are also following the lead of the DPW in how we work with nonpartisan candidates. There have been times recently when the DPW has endorsed a candidate in a nonpartisan race (Jill Underly for State Superintendent, for example). In that case, the county parties normally endorse that candidate as well.

In order to participate in the vote for possible endorsements, one must be a member in good standing and be present to vote on March 3rd at the Monthly Membership Meeting. There will be a zoom option for voting, but the zoom will only be open for the voting portion of the meeting. If a there is a vote to endorse a candidate, the candidate will be asked whether they'd like to accept the endorsement before any announcement would be made.

  1. Sign up as a delegate or an alternate for the 1st CD Convention (April 30th in Kenosha) and DPW State Convention (June 25 and 26 - more info TBD). Please either sign up at our next meeting or email us at to let us know. Delegates will vote on resolutions and amendments.
  2. At the meeting you will have the opportunity to bring forth resolutions and amendments to the 2022 WisDems platform & constitution to be considered. For context, the platform & resolutions from 2021 can be found on the WisDems website, as can the most recent version of the WisDems constitution. As a whole, the WisDems platform & resolutions outline the principles that guide the work of the State Party, as well as the policies we believe in, and the beliefs we hold. The WisDems Constitution, on the other hand, is the governing document for the State Party, dictating the policies & procedures we must follow as an organization. For guidelines about how to submit a resolution (format, etc.) or platform amendment, please read the document linked here.

In addition to these opportunities at the meeting, you will also get to hear from spring candidates and sign up for voter outreach opportunities ahead of the April 5th Spring Election.