March 2nd


Kenosha Union Club

3030 - 39th Ave Kenosha

We are excited to welcome Justice Jill Karofsky of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, to our meeting this month. She will be joining us over Zoom.

In addition to our usual monthly business and social time, we will be reviewing and voting on any submitted constitutional amendments and resolutions for the state party.

Ahead of this year's Democratic CD1 Convention on April 29th and the State Convention June 9-11, you have the opportunity to submit proposed constitutional amendments and resolutions for the DPW. More info to come on those. If you are interested in doing so, please submit them to Karen Erb ( no later than next Sunday (February 26th) so that we can send them out to members ahead of our March 2nd General Membership Meeting.

Information for Submitting a Resolution or Constitution Amendment

  1. WisDems Resolutions
    In order to pass a resolution, a draft resolution must be passed by county party
    membership, and no more than 10 passed resolutions may be sent by the county to
    the Congressional District chair, no less than ten days before the Congressional
    District Convention. CD Convention delegates will then consider the drafts, and may
    forward no more than 10 resolutions to the WisDems Platform & Resolutions
    Committee via state headquarters. If passed & forwarded by the CD, the P&R
    Committee will review the submitted resolutions & send them to the State Convention
    floor for delegates to accept or reject.
    2. WisDems Constitution Amendments
    Proposals for amending the constitution must be submitted in writing to the Constitution
    & Bylaws Committee via state headquarters by any county party at least 90 days before
    the state convention (March 12th). Each proposed amendment, accompanied by the
    recommendations of the C&B committee, will then be disseminated in writing to all
    members of the state administrative committee and the chairpersons of each county
    party at least 30 days before the convention (May 11th). The amendments will then be
    presented to delegates for adoption or rejection on the State Convention floor.

Platform and Resolutions Information and Guidelines