Saturday May 22

10:00 - 11:00 am

Bohner's Lake, 8601 McHenry St., Burlington

Kenosha County Democratic Party is taking our events outside this summer. May is America Wetlands month!! To honor this, please join us for our first outside event, a Wetlands Walk. Tracy Hames Executive Director of the Wisconsin Wetlands Association will lead our group. Learn more about our wetlands and how important they are to our ecosystem. The walk will start at 10:00 am on Saturday, May 22 and will last for an hour. Please mark if you will be attending so that we can get a head count.

Our wetlands walk will take place near Bohner's Lake at 8601 McHenry St., Burlington. This walk is at a private restoration project, and includes many of the elements of a classic wetlands area.

In Wisconsin, we’ve lost half our wetlands.
Though it took thousands of years to form Wisconsin’s wetlands, it’s taken less than 200 years of human activity to remove a large amount of them. Wisconsin once had about 10 million acres of wetlands. Over the years we’ve filled and drained wetlands and altered watersheds in order to construct cities and towns, build roads, and convert land for agriculture and other purposes. As a result of these land use changes, we’ve lost half of our wetlands in Wisconsin. This wetland loss affects how water flows across our landscapes, where wildlife live, and more. Wisconsin’s wetland loss is not spread out evenly: we’ve lost more of our wetlands in southern Wisconsin than we have in the north.

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