Donate to Help Fund Our Office “SPONSOR of The DAY”

Dear Fellow Dems,
We have a great deal for you!!!! How would you like to sponsor the Kenosha County Democratic Party office for a day, several days, or lots of days?? You can choose your day, maybe your birthday or another day that is special to you. You can even ask a friend or relative to sponsor a day in your name. The good news, it only cost $25.00 a day to keep the office open. We will have a sign in the office indicating who the “SPONSOR of the DAY” is. We hope to fill up all the days with names!!!!
We are so appreciative of all the people who have been so generous in helping us keep our office open the past 3 years. It’s hard to believe, but we opened our office opened in July of 2016. Since that time we have hosted many events, movies, and meetings in the office. However, the most important use of the office has been to help our candidates. They have used it for lit, signs, phone banking, meetings, and canvassing. The coordinated campaign used the office throughout the elections, and are using it already from now until after the 2020 election. Unfortunately, we lost the space that UAW Local 72 so generously provided for candidates for years and years. During the midterm elections we had so many candidates at the office. My favorite night was when Governor Tony Evers was there playing cards with our local elected officials before being interviewed by Channel 58, WDJT, Milwaukee. (picture below)
We all know how critical the 2020 election is. Therefore, it is crucial that we keep the office open and depend on your donations to do so. Please consider sponsoring a day or more. You can pay by check, through ActBlue, or cash. Many people just do a monthly donation through ActBlue,–wi–2 Please contact Sally Simpson about sponsorship,, 262 694-8254, or call/text 262 9452.

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