“THE GROWING OPIOID CRISIS” March 5th, 6:30, Salem Library

March 5, 2019, 6:30 pm

Salem Library

24615 89th St, Salem, WI 53168

Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley speaks to the topics the growing opioid crisis in our county and threats in our schools. 

“We are a community that needs to talk openly about the fact that our sons and daughters, and our brothers and sisters, are struggling with these addictions. We need to figure out a way to take the stigma and the shame out of that,” Graveley said. “We need to acknowledge that treatment is something that is an up and down process, where people will not be given one simple chance and then will be thrown away or disposed of in some way that we cannot afford as a community.”  Graveley calls for increased education,dialogue and resources to combat the problem.