Liberal Learners “Win Bigley” March 21st, 6:30

March 21st, 6:30 pm  
th Ave,  Kenosha, WI

Scott Adams was one of the earliest public figures to predict Donald Trump’s election. The mainstream media regarded Trump as a lucky clown, but Adams –best known as “the guy who created Dilbert” — recognized a level of persuasion you only see once in a generation. We’re hardwired to respond to emotion, not reason, and Trump knew exactly which emotional buttons to push.  The point isn’t whether Trump was right or wrong, good or bad.  Adams goes beyond politics to look at persuasion tools that can work in any setting—the same ones Adams saw in Steve Jobs when he invested in Apple decades ago. “Win Bigly” is a field guide for persuading others in any situation—or resisting the tactics of emotional persuasion when they’re used on you.