NARCAN Training

When: Wednesday, October 11 at 6:00 PM
Where: Salem Library, 24615 89th St, Salem, WI

Several months ago we had Narcan training in our office and due to positive responses – we were able to arrange a training to be held at the Salem library.

“Especially with all the new fentanyl analogues that are out there now — they’re potent, very potent, where just a few grains accidentally absorbed through the skin or inhaled can cause a person to overdose,” Medical Examiner Patrice Hall said.

Morgan Kebbekus, the Prevention Specialist at the Aids Resource Center, will present this important training on how to reverse an opiod overdose. Opiod abuse is on the rise in Kenosha County at an alarming rate. Learn how we can deal with this epidemic and be prepared to administer Narcan. Participants will receive the necessary Narcan.