Martin’s Famous Speech

It’s amazing to me, on this anniversary week of Martin’s famous speech, just how much anti-minority hate speech I’ve heard lately.  The Right Wing radio machine must really be in high gear.  All I hear is how lazy people want government support for not working.  Is it because the Republicans are afraid that their gerrymandering won’t be enough to prevent the US from EVER electing another black president?  Or is it because they are over confident that their gerrymandering and subsequent destruction of public education have left us stupid and helpless (similar to the slaves of 200 years ago)?  And I fear that with 40 kids in a classroom, we will certainly be a stupid nation, led by stupid politicians.  The damage these Republican governors have perpetrated will take a generation to undo.  My generation went from segregation to fulling embracing equality.  But now our  grandchildren are being brainwashed by the ME society and it’s coming apart.

Thank goodness Ed Schultz is coming back to weekday TV.  Watch him on MSNBC at at 4:00 Central Time or DVR him and watch later!  The problem in America is not lazy union workers, it is trade agreements that sent manufacturing to Asia and Mexico.  It is politicians who let lobbyists dictate legislation.  It is ALEC.

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Retired teacher, Past Chair Kenosha Co. Democratic Party, Chr. P & R Committee 1st CD, State VC P & R Committee

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