Spreading Vouchers

What scares me is listening to Gov. Walker on Mike Goucha’s show claiming schools throughout the state are better because he gave them tools to improve. We won’t know the results of his “tools” for another couple of years at least. Then we’ll see how the test scores plummet and drop-out rates skyrocket. His “tools” led to teacher protections disappearing and class sizes doubling. Already overworked teachers have had their salaries drastically cut and their pensions disappear. Scott Walker sounded convincing because there was no one to challenge him or his lies.

And now the legislature, at his bidding, want to use our GRF funds (General Revenue Funds, otherwise known as state income tax) to send rich kids to the private schools they are already attending. He SAYS poor kids, but his definition of poor is family income of $75,000 or less. After the voucher schools are chosen, the first kids considered for the vouchers are the kids already going there. If the details were known, no one would believe this will improve public education. Voucher schools don’t accept ESL or Special Ed kids. Of course everyone would love to send their kids to schools with no slow or disruptive students. But to get into those schools, you already have to be going there. If it’s private, the disruptive kids get kicked out. The slow kids never get in.  My question: is there one voucher school in Milw. or Racine that is not also a religious school?  They say the voucher schools will spread to all areas of the state…yeah large cities in the state. But our rural money will be paying for those city kids to go to schools that don’t make our schools better!  They’ll be going to schools with unlicensed teachers, to schools that do not have to follow the same rules as public schools.

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Retired teacher, Past Chair Kenosha Co. Democratic Party, Chr. P & R Committee 1st CD, State VC P & R Committee

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