We Are Already At War With China

John Nichols proposed this theory on The Ed Schultz Radio Show.  The Communists must have realized about 30 years ago that an out-and-out-weapons-based-war with America was too costly and wasteful to win.  I imagine that happened right around the end of the Vietnam War.  Over the years they have perfected the trade deals that let them now steal our country right out from under us.


First they implanted the idea that it was profitable to send our manufacturing to them.


Sensata in Freeport, Illinois is a perfect example of the model operating throughout this country.   First the Chinese Government builds the company a brand new factory in China and gives it to them for free.  Our government gives the company a total tax write-off for the expense of moving their manufacturing equipment to China.  In addition there are (American) tax incentives to move the company.  Why do we have these insane tax laws?  I image it is because campaign contributions have bought the lawmakers.  The greatest incentive for a company to actually move, of course, is the 99 cent-an-hour rate of pay in China.  John Nichols reports that any safety equipment on the machinery moved to China is dismantled before it is even shipped, and the manufacturers do not need to worry about employee safety.


Sensata is a small company…only employing 170 people.  If we extrapolate this Chinese model to large and small companies all over the US for the last 18 years (since all the hub-bub about “free trade deals”), you will understand why the unemployment in the US is so high.


You will also understand that with this model our unemployment will continue to spiral out of control.  And you will see how China has plotted to topple the United States.  Topple it will, unless we elect lawmakers who pledge to change the tax codes, impose tariffs on Chinese-made products, and give incentives to return manufacturing to the US.   Tommy Thompson, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan are the wrong choices for Wisconsin and the US!


You will also understand that we cannot compare the rate of economic recovery in Pres. Obama’s administration to the rate under any other administration.  The Republicans responsible for these irresponsible deals  have changed the playing field  America cannot win on this field.  The Obama administration has done an amazing job of helping to create jobs considering the war we are fighting and don’t even know.

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