Scorching Rhetoric

By Norman Siler
Sunday, 24 June 2012
During the past eight months Americans have tolerated the harsh rhetoric among Republicans jockeying to become the Party’s nominee to run for president against Barack Obama. Almost become insulated from it, as one accused another or two others of lying or deceiving or falsely presenting their past policies stances. You know, like who originated the individual mandate for uniform availability of health care (a Republican senator in the 1980s).
The din and roller coaster melodrama of the competition among Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, RIck Santorum, Mitt Romney, John Huntsman, Ron Paul (and who ever I forgot) dulled our reaction of distaste for the uncivil way they dealt with policy issues. We learned to somewhat shrug off the harsh manner when they aimed accusations at supposedly like-minded politicians.
But eight months after the person-to-person attacks began in so-called debates, the Republican attack machine has outdone itself in its obsession for attacking Barack Obama and the presidency itself.
The premise Republicans are pitching in unison is that President Obama has overstepped his considerable powers as elected head of the nation. They assert he cannot control access to internal Department of Justice memoranda and much else demanded by a House committee chairman who does not have unanimous support of his committee members. That committee voted a contempt of Congress citation to increase the pressure on the Attorney General and the President.
Now, Sunday morning, the attack machine has targeted Richard Nixon and the Watergate break in which led two years later to Nixon resigning as president – the only instance in American history.  One of the early candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, alleged President Obama has concealed evidence as Nixon did, without a shred of preliminary indication that any proof of any crime exists – unlike the multiple hard facts gathered by Washington Post, the Senate committee investigating it,  and eventually the House Judiciary committee as it began considering impeachment charges against Nixon.
Bottom line: No stronger evidence exists that today’s Republican Party is disrespectful of so much than its present turn to defaming Richard Nixon in its obsession with dirtying the reputation and stature of President Barack Obama.
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