Hands Off My Grandchildren

I love Rob Zerban’s website http://handsoffmygrandma.com/ , but I wonder if the real message should be “Hands Off My Grandchildren?”  Medicare for my generation isn’t going to be touched!  Your Grandma is going to be OK  (Until Paul Ryan and his Insurance Company shills go even further.)  But MY GRANDCHILDREN, even my CHILDREN will not have Medicare if his plan becomes law.

For 50 years our elder citizens could live without fear of dying for lack of funds to pay for doctors and hospitals.  But Paul Ryan is willing to sacrifice everyone under 55 just because it might be a little expensive.  There are 1000’s of other ways to resolve a little shortage of funds.  Everyone has a good idea.  One sound proposal is to raise the Social Security cap…maybe a little, maybe a lot.

The one idea most people agree on is that the solution is NOT to throw out the baby with the bathwater.  Paul Ryan’s voucher plan ends Medicare.  Do not think for one minute that his plan is anything other than another scheme to make the insurance companies even more profitable.


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